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How to prepare for canoeing down the Ardèche

Our tips and tricks for preparing your descent and making the most of your canoe trip on the Ardèche!

Weather and water level

What’s the weather like in Ardèche?

The weather in Sud Ardèche around
Vallon Pont d’Arc
is particularly generous with sunshine 🌞 and warmth as early as April! Rainy days can happen but it’s rare. And don’t worry! If it rains on the day of your canoe trip, you can postpone the date at will, and even get your money back if no other date suits you 😀

Is there enough water to navigate the Ardèche?

It’s not uncommon to hear legends that at such and such a time there’s no more water in the Ardèche 🏜️, or at least not enough to enjoy a canoe trip 🚣‍♂️. In fact, it’s simply not true 😂.
The Ardèche is fortunate to be fed by numerous natural tributaries as well as dams. 🏞️

The best time to sail is of course in May, when water levels are naturally higher than in midsummer, but don’t worry! We’ve never yet run out of water! 😀

On the contrary, after heavy rains, it may happen that the water level is too high for canoeing 🚣‍♂️, especially for the 12km course (
this remains very rare

For more information:
In order to sail in good conditions, the coastline must be below +0.50, and below -0.30 for the 12km course.

What is the water temperature in the Ardèche?

The temperature varies according to the season, but it’s very pleasant from mid-April/early May! In fact, the calm flow that runs for several dozen kilometers before Vallon Pont d’Arc and Ardèche gorges allows the water to take advantage of the Ardèche sun 🌞 to warm up.
If the water temperature is cool at the beginning of the season (around 15°c)🐧 we provide neoprene wetsuits to keep you warm 🤗!
Then very quickly the swimsuit became the official attire 👙🩳 with water temperatures exceeding 20° as early as May and reaching 25°c in summer!!! 🌡️

Preparing your canoe trip in the Ardèche


The must-haves!

For any canoe trip, there are a few things you need to remember to make sure you enjoy your Ardèche adventure in the best possible conditions!
But which items should you put in your bag first?

Sunscreen 🧴

We can’t stress this enough: protect yourself from the sun ☀️! Tanning is nice… toasting is not so nice 🥵!
A good tube of SPF 50 sunscreen (it’sthe south here, so save the SPF 30 for the beach 😜).

Water 🥤

Of course, canoeing means sport, and the Ardèche means sun, so make sure you’re properly hydrated, otherwise you’ll end up like a raisin with a raging headache. Plan on 1.5L of water per person to keep everyone cool on your trip down the Ardèche!
(The pastis is for after the canoe trip!)

Picnic 🥪

What better way to settle down than on one of the many beaches you’ll come across along the way?
Don’t worry, of course, we provide watertight containers in which to transport chips and other sausages… 😉

Closed-toe shoes 👟

Which shoes are right for canoeing? Well, in reality there are no rules, but we do recommend shoes such as an old pair of sneakers and, above all,avoiding flip-flops, which could decide to make the descent of the Ardèche without you by escaping from your feet!

Sun hat🧢

Not compulsory, but not a bad idea! Especially during summer heatwaves 🥵 or if you spend a whole day or more in the sun! Justdampen your chef’s cover to keep your thoughts fresh 🧊 and make the most of your canoe trip!

Book your descent of the Ardèche


The Ardèche is a magnificent river 🏞️, particularly popular for canoeing 🚣‍♂️, so we strongly advise you to book your descent a few days in advance to ensure your place on the course and the time slot that suits you best. 😎

Online booking is the best option, as it allows you to book your canoe trip in just a few clicks, and to take advantage of cheaper rates than on site.

To book online, simply click on the run you are interested in:

Choose your canoe trip down the Ardèche:

Pont d’arc course – 8km

This 8km mini descent is a canoeing classic in the Ardèche! Perfect for families with children 👪 or simply for a stress-free trip that takes your time. 🏖️

The paddling time is around 1h30, but you can take as much time as you like. This allows you to sail at your own pace and, above all, to take as many swimming breaks as you like ⛱️ (including on the Pont d’Arc beaches)!

The maxi mini course – 12km

You love canoeing down the Ardèche! 🌞 The Pont d’arc course + 4 canoe slides! What’s not to love? ❤️

Start with the 4-slide section 💦, which is as fun as it is easy, before moving on to the section that takes you all the way to the arch bridge!

Approximately 2h30 paddling time, but of course you can take as much time as you want to enjoy the Ardèche 100%! 😎

The nature reserve – 24km

THE best way to tell you all about the beauty of the 🌳 gorges de l’Ardèche nature reserve is to take you through it!

This canoe trip is nothing less than the famous GORGES DE L’Ardèche! 🚣 A day canoeing down the Ardèche in the heart of unspoilt nature, with around 5 hours of paddling for a unique adventure! ❤️

La grande descente de l’Ardèche – 32km

Paddle more to see more! That’s how to sum up this historic 32km descent of the Ardèche! 💪

you’ll start early in the morning 🌅 with the Pont d’Arc section before venturing into the 🌳 nature reserve of the Ardèche gorges. Allow 6h30 of paddling for the day!

*motivation and biscotti not included 💪

The Ardèche descent with bivouac – 2 days, 32km

The full 32km, but over 2 days! 😎

From the Pont d’Arc to the Ardèche gorges, but with no pressure and 100% relaxation in the heart of nature! 🌳

An emblematic adventure of the Ardèche by canoe, you’ll spend a night in the heart of the nature reserve ⛺ with the stars ⭐ of summer nights for you ♥

An experience you won’t soon forget!