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THE Ardèche gorges nature reserve – 24km

🛶 🛶 🛶

🗺️ Map of the 24km canoe route

🤔 How does a 24km Ardèche descent work?

Start of activity

Once you have made your
online reservation
during which you will choose your departure date and time (departures between 8:30 and 10:30 a.m.), we will meet you directly at our pier in 📍VallonPont d’Arc. 🚗

You can park in our free, private, shaded parking lot. 🅿️🌳

Once you have been introduced to our on-site team, you will be given a watertight canister 55l for two, in which to store what you want to take on your descent 🥖🧴 (see our tips), you will be able to choose the boat configuration you prefer (canoe or kayak), you will then be equipped with life jackets and life jackets. you’ll attend a short briefing to explain the routeand a a reminder about canoeing and kayaking and basic handling.

You will then take a 10-minute bus ride 🚌 to 📍Châmes, the starting point of this 24km descent of the Ardèche (
see map

You board directly on the beach at the entrance to the nature reserve! It’s time for adventure! 🚣


The canoe trip

A day of canoeing begins for you as you cross the nature reserve 🌳 des gorges de l’Ardèche!

Wild nature,tranquil waves, rapids 💦 and breathtaking panoramas (
see photos
) ! You’ll enjoy a less crowded descent of the Ardèche than the
for your greatest pleasure!

Of course, you’ll find beach breaks along the way, and you’re free to stop wherever you like! 😎

Take a picnic break 🥪 at the cathedral rock 🏞️ and take a dip in a dreamy spot (
see map
) before continuing on to the landing stage at 📍
where our teams will be waiting for you between 4:00 and 5:00 pm for the return trip.

Of course, you’ll find beach breaks along the way, and you’re free to stop wherever you like! 😎

Arrival and return

Once you’ve arrived and introduced yourself to our on-site team 📝 all you have to do is return the canoes and paddles to us.

You will then be guided to the bus(air-conditioned 🐧) that will take you back to our premises 🚌 where you left your vehicles!

Allow around 50 minutes for 🛣️ return journey.

Once the rest of the equipment has been returned(cans, vests, etc.), you will be offered a free syrup 🥤(well deserved) and the chance to have a cold drink!

This is already the end of your Ardèche adventure with us 😭… until next time!!! 😃

Mandatory conditions for all canoe trips on the Ardèche :

Over 7 years old
Be able to swim at least 25m
Be comfortable in the water

🛶 🛶 🛶

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