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12km – Maxi-mini course, slides and Pont d’Arc

🛶 🛶 🛶

🗺️ Map of the 12km canoe route

🤔 How does a 12km descent of the Ardèche go?

Start of activity

Once you have made your
online reservation
during which you will choose your departure date and time (9:00/10:30/12:00 or 13:30), you will meet us directly at our pier in 📍VallonPont d’Arc. 🚗

You can park in our free, private, shaded parking lot. 🅿️🌳

Once you have been introduced to our on-site team, you will be given a watertight canister 55l for two, in which to store what you want to take on your descent 🥖🧴 (see our tips), you will be able to choose the boat configuration you prefer (canoe or kayak), you will then be equipped with life jackets and life jackets. you’ll attend a short briefing to explain the routeand a a reminder about canoeing and kayaking and basic handling.

You’ll be asked to choose the recovery time you want, depending on how much time you want to spend on the river(we’re here to advise you 🙂 ). You can take as long as you like! ⏱️

You will then take a 10-minute bus ride 🚌 to 📍Sampzon, the starting point of this 12km descent of the Ardèche (
see map

A mere 100m walk to launch your canoe and you’re ready for adventure! 🚣


The canoe trip

You’ ll start your descent on a very quiet 4km section, interspersed with numerous beaches 🏖️ and above all 4 canoe slides, very easy and particularly fun (
see photos
) ! Before reaching the second part of this course, which is in fact the 8km descent with its small rapids 💦 (
see map
) that will take you to the well-known Charlemagne rapid, gateway to the Pont d’Arc beach! 🏖️

Of course, you’ll find beach breaks all along the route, and you’re free to stop wherever you like, but the Pont d’Arc beach will probably be your favourite(and we understand!) 😎

After enjoying as much as you like of this magnificent place, you re-embark on your canoes for around half an hour’s navigation to reach therendezvous point at the end of your journey. You will find us very easily thanks to a sign 🛑 placed on a beach on the left bank. 😀

Arrival and return

Once you’ve arrived and introduced yourself to our on-site team 📝 all you have to do is return the canoes and paddles to us.

You will then be guided to the bus(air-conditioned 🐧) that will take you back to our premises 🚌 where you left your vehicles!

Once the rest of the equipment has been returned(cans, vests, etc.), you will be offered a free syrup 🥤(well deserved) and the chance to have a cold drink!

This is already the end of your Ardèche adventure with us 😭… until next time!!! 😃

Mandatory conditions for all canoe trips on the Ardèche :

Over 7 years old
Be able to swim at least 25m
Be comfortable in the water

🛶 🛶 🛶

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