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The Ardèche descent with bivouac – 2 days, 32km

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🗺️ Map of the two-day 32km canoe trip

(you choose one of the two bivouacs for your overnight stay)

🤔 How does a two-day descent of the Ardèche with an overnight bivouac work out?

Start of activity

Once you have made your
online booking
during which you will choose your departure date and time (departures between 9:00 and 15:00), you will meet us directly at our pier in 📍VallonPont d’Arc. 🚗

Watch out! Don’t forget to book your overnight bivouac at the same time – it’s compulsory for this two-day route.

You can book your night HERE

During your two-day stay, you can leave your vehicle in our free, private, shaded parking lot. 🅿️🌳

Once you have been introduced to our on-site team, you will be given a 55l watertight container per person, in which to store what you want to bring for your descent and your bivouac in the gorges (Travel light, the cans are large but you will run out of room if you bring anything superfluous)🥖🧴 (

see our tips

You’ll be able to choose the boat configuration you prefer (canoe or kayak). You’ll then be fitted with life jackets and given a short briefing to explain the route, as well as a refresher on canoeing and kayaking basics.

There’s no need to take the bus to get on board– the beach where your canoes are waiting is just 150m away!

You can then head straight off for 2 days of adventure and disconnection in the heart of the Ardèche ! 🚣

The first day on the water

Let’s go for your first day of canoeing on the Ardèche!

You’ll start your escapade by navigating a calm stretch of coastline. before arriving at the well-known Charlemagne rapid 🌊 the first of many rapids you’ll have the privilege of crossing during your two days! You will then pass under the pont d’arc where you can enjoy a refreshing swim before embarking on the the nature reserve 🌳 des gorges de l’Ardèche !
Unspoilt nature and tranquil waves alternate with the best rapids 💦! And let’s not forget the breathtaking panoramas and secluded beaches where you can enjoy your time away from the crowds (
see photos
) !

Indeed, one of the main advantages of this two-day descent of the Ardèche with bivouac is that you can take your time! Unlike 24km and
32km one-day tours
theonly time constraint is to arrive at your bivouac site before sunset!
What’s more, you’ll enjoy a descent of the Ardèche that’s far less crowded than the
for your greatest pleasure! 🤗

Your night in a bivouac in the Ardèche gorges

There are two overnight bivouac sites in the Ardèche gorges (

see map

) :

Bivouacs in the wild are strictly forbidden, so it’s essential to book an overnight stay in one of these areas(click on one of the two to see availability).

Once you’ve arrived at your bivouac area(indicated by a sign), you’ll leave the boats on the beach before joining the nature reserve team 🌳 who will guide you to the area where you can set up for the evening.

As far as sleeping is concerned, you’ll be self-sufficient, so bring your own tents. 🏕️ small camping mattress 🛏️ that you can strap onto the canoe to save space in the canisters (it’s a good idea to bring along a pair of straps and wrap the tent in a garbage bag to avoid getting it wet during navigation.).
Please also note that you can reserve a tent on site when booking your bivouac(limited stock).
Showers, toilets and a barbecue area are available on site(charcoal provided).

Reminder: Alcohol is prohibited in the nature reserve

In this unique setting, enjoy an evening in the Gorges de l’Ardèche nature reserve before spending the night lulled by the stars on a summer’s night.

The next morning, the teams on site will offer you a good cup of coffee(bring some change) and you can embark whenever you like on your second day of canoeing adventure on the Ardèche!

Second day at sea

Here we go for the second day of sailing!

Enjoy the heart of the nature reserve at your own pace on this second day of canoeing on the Ardèche!

Rapids, breaks on the most beautiful beaches in the nature reserve and of course the 🥪 picnic at the rock of the cathedral 🏞️ will allow you to swim in a dream location (
see map
) before continuing on to the 📍 landing stage.
where our teams await you between 4pm and 5pm maximum for the return journey (on weekends, a first return is possible between 2pm and 3pm).

The final 3km stretch will put your arms 💪 to the test after two days of paddling!

Arrival and return

Once you’ve arrived and introduced yourself to our on-site team 📝 all you have to do is return the canoes and paddles to us.

You will then be guided to the bus(air-conditioned 🐧) that will take you back to our premises 🚌 where you left your vehicles!

Allow around 50 minutes for 🛣️ return journey.

Once the rest of the equipment has been returned(cans, vests, etc.), you will be offered a free syrup 🥤(well deserved) and the chance to have a cold drink!

This is already the end of your Ardèche adventure with us 😭… until next time!!! 😃

Mandatory conditions for all canoe trips on the Ardèche :

Over 7 years old
Be able to swim at least 25m
Be comfortable in the water

Book your descent of the Ardèche with bivouac in two stages

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